Fencing Guidelines and specifications

All fencing on the boundary/within the entitlement of the Unit to be the responsibility of the individual owner. Dividing fences between units to be the shared responsibility of the respective unit owners, including continuous fences which are shared between units but do not necessarily divide the units (e.g. brick fences).

Executive Committee (EC) to review fences June/July each year for repair, replacement and/or repainting.

Owners of fences identified by the EC as needing repair, replacement and/or repainting to be advised and respective owner to attend to:

  1. repair or replace within 12 months of being advised.
  2. repainting to be attended to within 6 months of notification of repainting, or within 6 months of completion of repair/replacement.

All repairs, replacement and repainting to be carried out within the Fencing Specifications unless an exception has been approved by the Executive Committee.

Any questions regarding fences in the complex please contact the Body Corporate Executive Committee.

Last updated 14 February 2021