Green waste bin rules

Unit numbers have been placed on each green waste bin for identification purposes.

Individual units are responsible for the storage of green waste bins within the fence perimeter of the unit (i.e. not on common property and not on the main driveway).

Individual units are responsible for compliance with the ACT Government’s rules and regulations regarding use of green waste bins.

Collection day is alternate Thursdays. A copy of the 2019 collection calendar is online.

Individual units are responsible for placing green waste bins on the verge of the Hamilton Park complex on Cossington Smith Crescent for collection.

Green waste bins are to be put out for collection no earlier than the night before collection day.

Individual units are responsible for retrieving green waste bins from Cossington Smith Crescent after collection.

Green waste bins are to be returned to your unit no later than the morning after collection day.

If your bin is on the street in time for collection but is not emptied you can report this to ACT NoWaste (via Access Canberra 13 22 81) and they will arrange for the bin to be emptied.

If your bin is damaged or stolen it will be repaired/replaced at no cost. Any damage/theft can be reported to ACT NoWaste online to arrange repair/replacement.

Any non-compliance with the rules outlined here will be considered by the Hamilton Park Executive Committee.

Any additional issues with green waste bin maintenance can be reported to

Any additional questions or concerns can be emailed to

Created 5 August 2019