pets require permissionIn accordance with the Unit Titles Act, unit occupiers are required to advise the Executive Committee within 14 days of a pet residing in the unit complex.

The pet owner must comply with all ACT Government legislation and guidelines regarding pet ownership, and Owners Corporation requirements including the Unit Titles Act pet ownership and noise rules. These include the following responsibilities:

Pet Owner’s Duties &  Responsibilities Dogs Cats Other
Animal Registration as required by law a   a
Desexing or alternate certification i.e. sexually entire permit a a  
Vaccinations in last 12 months a a  
Microchip implant a a  
Collar tag for the animal showing registration number, name and phone number a    
Collect and dispose of animal faeces in a responsible manner a a  
Keep the animal restrained and under control at all times a a  
Respect the quiet enjoyment of neighbours and others in the Owners Corporation a a  

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Cat containment laws came into affect throughout the ACT in 2022 for cats born on or after 1 July 2022. Containment means keeping your cat on your premises 24 hours a day. This can include your unit, an enclosed area in a backyard or courtyard, or a cat crate.

Cats born before 1 July 2022 do not have to be contained, unless they live in one of the 17 currently declared cat containment suburbs.

Unit Titles (Management) Act 2011 Schedule 1 Rule 1.5:

A unit owner or occupier (the pet owner) may keep an animal, or permit an animal to be kept, within the unit if—

                   (a)   the total number of animals kept within the unit (other than birds in a cage or fish in an aquarium) is not more than 3; and

                   (b)   the pet owner ensures that the animal is appropriately supervised when the animal is on the common property; and

                   (c)   the pet owner keeps the animal secure so that it cannot escape the unit unsupervised; and

                   (d)   the pet owner cleans any area of the units plan that is soiled by the animal; and

                   (e)   the pet owner takes reasonable steps to ensure the animal does not cause a nuisance or a risk to health or safety.

          (2)   The pet owner must, within 14 days of the day the animal is first kept within the unit, tell the owners corporation, in writing, that the animal is being kept within the unit.

Last updated 25 April 2023