What’s happening – an update for residents and owners

The executive committee is planning to do the following in the coming months:

  • Replace the damaged concrete in the car parking area between unit 45 and unit 46. 
  • Replace the damaged concrete in the car parking area between unit 31 and unit 32. 
  • Replace the damaged roadway outside unit 33. This section of the road was dug up some time ago to repair a broken sewer pipe.
  • A general clean up of the common property including removing broken and loose bollards, removal of dead trees, cutting back overgrown shrubs and trees, removing overgrown vines, weeds like privet etc. If you have any personal items on common property, please ensure you remove them as soon as possible otherwise they will be removed by the contractor.
  • Replace old light globes with energy efficient globes as recommended by ACTSmart. This will help reduce the body corporate’s electricity bill.

We are also seeking quotes and reports to:

  • Re-plant and mulch the three front gardens
  • Determine what is the condition of our common property lights (including the electrical cabling). This report will be used to determine if the common property lights will be replaced.
  • Erect a new perimeter fence along our boundary at the end of the path going towards the North Lyneham shops. We are looking at a new fence in the same style as the new fence between unit 18 and unit 19. This will give greater security to the residents backing onto this area. The existing gates and fences are frequently vandalised and damaged, are costly to repair/replace, and are no longer effective in ensuring residents’ safety and security. This will also allow the establishment and planting of an additional community garden and recreational areas. (UPDATE – was Not supported at the 2018 AGM so has been removed from action list. Admin 2020-03-08)

You may have noticed that the stop sign and line marking has recently been replaced outside Unit 51. The executive committee encourages all residents to comply with the stop sign and speed limits to ensure the safety of all residents, particularly the many children who live in the complex.